Truvii Story

An idea germinated under the starry night sky

A father who is passionate about nature
A son who followed his father’s footsteps to everywhere
Surrounded by the green, they talked about dreams and futures
And that’s how the Taiwanese brand, Truvii, is born

We transformed our 40-years manufacture experience into a passion for innovation
We have the abilities to design and produce
See the flourishing passion and vitality of Truvii in our products

The two “i” of Truvii symbolise our brand’s core values: Innovation and Interesting
We are committed to delivering the best to our customers

Truvii Designs

Sharing the FunDesign for Living

Our design is centred around the idea of ‘sharing the fun with everyone who enjoys life’.

While enjoying outdoor activities, we often wonder: “Would it be great if we have…?”.
After a while, we began to think: “Why don’t we make the things we want ourselves?”
This train of thoughts then led us to the path of creating an original brand.
Stay true, rooted our design in what we need in daily life, and share it with the world!