Beeswax Oil

Polishing wood with beeswax is like using collagen for skincare. This natural beeswax can brighten up all types of wood products, such as desk, furniture, floor, and bead bracelet, as well as harden the vegetable fat in the wood once the wax permeates the surface. Beeswax is the best care product that nature has given to wood items. Our natural Beeswax is a type of solid wax and the colour of a polished wood surface will be slightly different in the winter and the summer. It is normal for the beeswax to be liquefied under warm temperature and solidified in cold conditions.

It is recommended to polish wooden furniture every six months or once a year. Proper care can extend the service life, as well as embellish the appearance, of the wood. For an old piece of wood item, we suggest you buff its surface with a sandpaper first and then apply the beeswax. For a carved item, it is advised to polish it with a toothbrush.

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Ingredients: Mineral oil, Beeswax
Weight: 250g/25g (±5%) 
How to use: Apply the beeswax on the dry, clean surface of wood products. Leave the polished item for 1~2 hour and then wipe off the excess wax from the surface with a non-cotton cloth.


Beeswax Oil

Beeswax Oil 25g

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Beeswax Oil

Beeswax Oil 250g

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