Truvii Wooden handle stainless mug

Using the wooden handle enamel mug production method, the log handle combined with the SGS safety detection of 304 stainless,
Fog surface texture with 304 stainless, in a strong industrial style with a bit of soft fog.

│Safety and hygiene materials │

304 stainless can be filled with a variety of beverages, enjoy the best drink flavor.

│Exquisite craftsmanship│

Inner wall of the mug not easy to scratch. Can be used with confidence.
Matte paint with exquisite thunder carving pattern, eye-catching focus.

│Easy to clean│

The inner wall has no coating, the bottom uses rounded Radian method, cleaning without dead angle.

【Product detail】

Weight:225g (±5%)
Made in Taiwan

【Little Reminders 】
1. We recommend using soft fabrics, such as sponge, to clean the mug. Do not use steel wool or any sharp/rough materials.
2. Owing to the diversity of wood grain and different types of wood, each wooden handle of our Mug has its unique pattern. All images shown here are for illustration purpose only. Actual patterns of the wooden handle may vary due to the stated reasons.
3. Because of the wooden handle, the Mug is not suitable for oven and microwave use, nor should heat up an empty mug.
4. When washing the Mug, do not soak the wooden handle in the water for too long and simply leave it aside to dry it.

The patented number of the Wooden Handle Stainless Mug:M527726


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NT$750 NT$675
NT$750 NT$675
NT$550 NT$495
NT$550 NT$495
NT$550 NT$495
NT$850 NT$765