Coffee Dripper Stand

Truvii Coffee Dripper Stand is a coffee dripper set that can be easily assembled and for easy storage. Also, you can arrange the medium- and small-size planks in different ways to provide various functions. For instance, the Stand can be a coffee warmer using a candle or boil water by using a gas canister. A friendly reminder: The wooden top plank might generate a burnt smell when using the gas canister. An optional purchase of Truvii aluminium top plank is available, if you worry that the use of a gas canister might damage the wooden top plank.

|Product detail|
# Teak wood version
Full size:200 X 150 X 190mm
Storage size:200 X 150 X 52mm
Diameter of the centre hole:78mm

# Plywood version
Full size:200 x 150 x 210mm
Storage size:200 x 150 x 45mm
Diameter of the centre hole:78mm

Made in Taiwan