Lantern 1

Truvii Lantern 1 overthrows the idea of flashlight to everyone. It can transform flashlight to camping lantern immediately. The flashlights with 25mm~40mm OD head can be transformed to camping lantern with Truvii Lantern 1. If you want it to be stood, just put the flashlight on the base. Wide application range made full use of flashlight brings your outdoor life more fun and convenience. We don’t use chromium plating on it to reduce the harm to the earth. You can take it with you anytime anywhere. The top cap of Truvii Lantern 1 can be pulled up and closed down to save the space of your bag.

  • Easy to use.
  • Outdoor best tool.
  • Lightweight design only 60g.
  • It doesn’t use chromium plating on it to reduce the harm to the earth.
  • Can be used for hanging.
  • The light is mild and even. The brightness is not harsh and without any shadow.
  • If the bottom of your flashlight is uneven, please put the bottom into the patent base.Then it can stand on any surface.
  • Apply to 25mm~40mm OD of flashlight’s head.
  • The patent base can apply to 17mm~27mm OD of flashlight’s tail.

【Product detail】

Size:57 x 85 mm
Weight:56g (±5%)
Applicable to flashlights with the head diameter between 25mm~40mm
Service temperature:-15~80℃
Accessories: S-shape hook, lampstand, storage bag
Made in Taiwan